Quranio (Quran institute online) is an online Quran teaching school established to provide online Quran classes to Muslim brothers and sisters. Our goal is to teach the Holy Quran with tajweed the way it was revealed, With the help of our online Quran teachers you can learn Quran very fast. We provide a variety of Quran and Islamic Courses.

Online Quran Tutor

It is not a boring software or pre-recorded lesson, we provide one-on-one online Quran classes with a private live Quran teacher to teach Quran online with tajweed.

Flexible Timings

You might be looking for a flexible time schedule for Quran classes because of work or Collage, the good news is, yes you have flexible class timings with us.

Effective for Everyone

Our one-on-one Quran classes are equally effective for kids and adults and fully customizable according to your needs, We let you learn and develop your own way.

Female Tutors for Sisters

For sisters, we have online female Quran tutor available because we know it is more convenient for Muslim sisters to have classes with Female Teacher.

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Learn Quran Online

Your private Quran teacher will only focus and pay attention to you during the class, it is a real-time one on one class, you can learn faster and better without any distraction.
For making it more effective we give the opportunity to contact your tutor via text/call anytime other than your class as well. We have a variety of online Islamic courses that can be customized as per your requirement, some of our courses are:

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Ready to Become the Student of Quran?

Start Learning Quran Correctly. Memorize Quran with Tajweed. Understand Quran with Tafsir.

Online Quran and Arabic Classes for Kids and Adults

Online Quran Classes education system gives you the power to have control over your understanding and a better grasp on the subject matter. Sometimes with the traditional in-class education you are hesitant to ask the questions you need to be asking and you end up confused and lagging behind the class. With us, there’s no humiliation factor, you can clear all your doubts by asking any question.

Following the matter, you will see that our website offers you much more than just Tajweed. It is a tailored experience that will enable people of all ages, from all around the world to learn the Quran. This undoubtedly makes online Quran and Arabic classes for kids and adults much more convenient than ever.
Kids are at a stage and point in their lives where Quran can prove to be very vital for both grooming and learning. Not just that but it will also enable them to come over to the right path, the authentic path of Islam and will allow them to have a skillset at their disposal which would forever enable them to read, understand and also teach the Quran. If you look deeper into this, Quran has sought to have many medicinal and spiritual benefits. In the age where everyone around us always busy with life, we rarely find our peace and hence lead an unstable life. The recitation of the Holy Quran can allow many adults to achieve a sense of hope and true meaning in life.
Online Quran and Arabic classes for adults can prove extremely essential and also serve as a reminder that it is never too late to either learn or start something that you have been unaware of your whole life. Consider this as redemption, as Allah allowing you to find your way back to Him and start learning the Quran online. Learning has no age limits, it might come different at different ages for instance it is different for a kid and an adult to learn the Quran. But we serve as a reminder, you can learn at any age at any time with our online Quran and Arabic classes for kids and adults.
Arabic is a language which if you are able to understand not only would you be able to derive meaning from the Holy Quran but also be able to access a huge amount of literature available in the Arabic language. The language is one of the oldest languages on the planet and many languages such as Persian and Urdu have been derived from it, allowing you to gain expertise of culture and heritage alongside just the Holy Scripture.

What Our Students Say:

  • online quran tutor
    The best Quran learning website on the internet! we are extremely satisfied with the results. We've used online Quran teaching for the last five months. I would recommend for everyone who wants learn Quran and tajweed.
    Subhan Faisal
    CA, USA
  • online quran tutor
    "It fits our needs perfectly. I have a busy schedule and can’t drop my kids at Masjid every day, my kids are learning with live Quran tutor. Online Quran classes saved my time and money both."
    Omar Amir
    PA, USA
  • female quran tutor online
    I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding teaching services. I take online Quran classes for myself. I love memorizing Quran with tajweed. I am really satisfied with my online Quran tutor."
    Elizabeth Nasir
    London, UK
  • female quran tutor online
    I wanted to learn Quran with translation and Tafsir with a female tutor, I tried few other academies but Online Quran translation course with Quranio.com is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I will refer everyone I know.
    Saniya Malik
    Adelaide, AU

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Reciting the Quran is task looked with the utmost respect by the Muslims and hence comes with extreme delicacy. Tajweed is the set of rules applied for the proper pronunciation of the Quran. It includes the different phonics of each letter and how they are pronounced in a word. A lot of practice is required to master Tajweed especially if Arabic is not your native language. Even if it is, now the dialects of Arabic differ so much from the time when the Quran was revealed therefore learning Quran online with Tajweed is an easy solution to something that is a must.
Add to that nowadays home tutoring is not a very secure method hence learning Quran online with Tajweed will help you feel safe and see that it is extremely user-friendly. Furthermore, people are moving away from properly learning the recitation of the Quran because of insufficient resources or rare personal tutors to come home. Learning Quran online here will help you perfect the art of Tajweed and allow you to cross all barriers enabling you to fully absorb the teachings of the Quran in a more realistic fashion.
Not to demotivate, or put fear in the mind of our readers and customers but reciting Quran the wrong way can prove to be detrimental. Especially when at your disposal is the correct method in accordance to Tajweed. When you recite a word in the Quran the wrong way what happens is the meaning changes. When the meaning changes, it can turn into something extremely disrespectful which even though we might be unaware of, and is something we never intended in the first place; still, it is better to learn the correct method for which you can learn Quran online with Tajweed by clicking here.
Amongst our reciters are experienced orators that know every syllable of the Arabic word masterfully hence, giving you the kind of guidance that you would rarely receive from a scholar whose native language is not Arabic.